The Sagittarius test

So you start to believe in astrology that maybe the sagittarius star sign will fit you?

if you know a sagittarius you can take the test for him/her too to see if it fits!

There are 29 questions, all should be answered.
The test should take a few minutes to answer; you will get a copy to your email and a reply on your test and be able to compare with another Sagittarius test results.

The test
Do you believe in authority? (laws, politics, doctors, the big government system, ...)

Do you speak your mind about anything suddenly?

Do you value honesty always?

Do you have long friendships all life?

Do you like to think/philosophize/read books all life?

Did you always feel young at heart your whole life, deep within?

Do you have trouble sitting still or doing one thing for long?

Do you have plenty of time?

Are you an optimist or pessimist or realist or neither?

Irresponsible/careless sometimes?

What is most important to you in life: luxury/money, learning, something else?

Forgive or vengence?

Trust in people, or distrust people?

Calculate everything you do, or just do?

Do you like to give or receive?

What are your goals? (nonspecific,learn?)

Honest? (but appears excentric to others)

Philosophical/science/book oriented?

Don't take everything so seriously?

Do you like to brag about yourself at times?

Always on the move, if not in the mind then physically, but sometimes you like a month for yourself too maybe?

Open minded to anything new, no matter how ridiculous it may sound?

Do you believe religion is okay, or more of an atheist and that all religions should be removed?

Do you believe education is the way forward(learning), or no need to learn just live?

Do you believe in peace, that all humans are equal, or you think that is some hippie bullshit?

Are you always late with everything in life (appointments, homework, the bills,... ) ?

Do you always run out of money?

Is money important to you? (money is the basis for my existance or money is just to live?)

Do you believe you are better than others, or the same as everyone else, or just higher IQ?

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