Clairvoyant test

This test will show you if you have some psychic abilities opened up.

Fill out these questions and you will get the answer

Here is the test for if you are psychic to some extent
answer it and click submit if you want the answers(in case you dont know them).

There are 131 questions, all should be answered.
The test should take 10-20minutes to answer; you will get a copy to your email and a personal reply on your test on how you can develop your abilities from where you are.

Psychic test

Are you very sensitive to noise, perfume, people's emotions or pain in body?

Have you experienced extreme pain much of your life / much pain in body / for different reasons?

Do you buy organic or non-organic if you have the choice (money enough etc. )?

Do you have difficulty trusting other people?

Do you enjoy beef most days?

Do you lucid dream / astral journey much of your life?

Do you know why you are here on this Earth?

Do you feel you know yourself very good?

Do you know yourself fully?

Do you believe in a greater purpose with everything?

Do you believe there is much truth to religion ?

Do you believe in religion and adhere to it fully, christianity , islam etc.?

Do you believe science is the ruler of the universe (evolution etc.)?

Do you believe in the after life?

Do you feel close to children and animals?

Do you feel you pick up the emotions of others?

Do you meditate?

Is meditation central to your lifestyle?

Do you often feel isolated from others?

Do you often feel like you have nothing in common with others?

Do you feel like you have to help others?

Do others annoy you all the time because you feel you got nothing in common with them?

Do others annoy you often because you feel you are not on wavelength with them?

Do you often feel like the whole world is against you?

Do you often feel you just know something when talking about something with someone?

Do you often know stuff out of the blue, and you are 100% certain of it?

Do you often feel you know a person the same instant you see them?

Do you enjoy working as the most important in life / career?

Do you enjoy nature, crystals and eating healthy (all 3) ?

Do you feel connected to nature / animals most days?

Do you receive messages from 'something' to 'someone' ?

Do you know who is ringing on the phone often?

Can you tell when people lie to you everytime?

Can you see what people think about you?

Can you feel people's energy?

Can you feel more specific details to people's energy, i.e. knowing why they say as they say even if they don't know themselves?

Can you know a person the first you see them sometimes? (more than basic knowing, know everything about them)

Can you understand why people think/do what they do even if they can't themselves?

Can you understand your own thoughts and emotions?

Do you ever dream of money, success and power to change the world?

Do you believe in anything metaphysical like:
- soul
- reincarnation
- healing
- crystal healing
- astrology
- channeling
- clairvoyance
- black magic
- shamanism
- ufos / aliens / beings elsewhere in the universe
- lucid dreaming
- out of body experiences
- angels
- spirit realm
- god/holyspirit/Source, and opposite of Source

Have you experienced any of the above?
- write here:

Why do you believe you are psychic?
- weird experiences?
- others told you?
- just 'feel' it?
- I read it on the internet?
- weird experiences all the time?
- experiences that cannot be explained
- by science but which fit your life
- experience?

Have you used your psychic abilities for anything?
- winning lottery
- helping others
- helping others many times
- scoring high in the math quiz
- remote healing via conversation
- still working on it/wondering if it is really true
- teaching others
- changing everyone around you
- receiving guidance for yourself and others
- healing yourself & growing spiritually

Do you know what you use them for is right to do?
- yes
- no

Do you know why you got psychic abilities if you got them?
- yes
- no

Do you believe the universe is chaotic,balanced,perfect or a mix? why?
- balanced
- chaotic
- perfect

Do you believe in stuff most other people in your society do not?

Have you ever felt like an outsider / alone much of your life?

Do you meet people who teach you in weird ways, many times?

Do you realize instantly something about them, if you meet them?

Do you feel like you can communicate with animals / plants / nature ?

Do you long for a place to be yourself and for a purpose on this earth, feel like you got something you need to do, felt it all your life?

Would you rather get a long education, be important, write a book/make something successful or help someone?

Do you feel like very few people can understand you your whole life?

Have you had an 'awakening experience' in your life?

Do you know what is wrong with the world?

Do you feel you can heal people sometimes? - i.e. just by talking to them

Do you know the Source of all things?

Do you know the opposite of Source ?

Can you feel who are connected to Source by talking to them, even if on the internet, or first second you meet them?

And who is connected to the opposite of Source (other energy) ?

Do you often cry without any reason? (i.e. many emotions suddenly clearing up)

Do you often feel the whole worlds weight on your shoulders?

Do you feel you have to do something important for the world, something that is not about money/career?

Have you realized something very basic about this world, that most people are not aware of?

Do you think the world has changed since ancient times? - more intelligent, tolerant etc.

Do you think mankind hasn't changed a bit for a long long time?

Do you believe in coincidences?

Can you see in your minds eye, if you close eyes do you see colors?

Do you dream about the future and it comes true?

Do you know what a person will do before they do it, even if they don't know themselves, and why they do it?

Do you often get surprised?

Do you like working with people / talking to people?

Do you think the ego is a good tool or an illusion or both?
- both
- illusion
- good tool
- don't know

Do you think you have an ego?
- no
- yes

Is nature an important part of your life?

Do you have houseplants, pets, crystals?

Do you have a place somewhere in nature you feel connected to?

Can you see inside people?

Can you recognize people at your own level rather quickly / you get some weird feeling about it?

Do you often feel you know many people you meet, and then it turns out to be right?

Do you know the real purpose of a psychic?

Would you feel good in a normal 9-5 job?

Do you get very unlike yourself if you get stressed(opposite person)?

Do you handle stress well?

Are you a very sensitive person to many things?

Do you feel balanced as a person in many ways?

Do you feel better than others?

Do you feel the same as everyone else?

Do you feel worse than others?

Do you feel you got everything in common with everyone else?

Do you think psychic is a lot of bullshit?

Are you still unsure if you are psychic?

Do you care what others think of you/say about you?

Do you feel free,happy most days?

Do you feel young at heart all your life? - but maybe old in the mind

Have you learned to overcome many life lessons?

Have you experienced much suffering in your life, unlike almost noone you know?

What is most important to you:
- house,kids,car etc. (family life)
- spirituality
- your gift and using it gratefully
- doing what you want, including drugs
- education
- being yourself

Have you had many unexplained symptoms your doctors couldn't find?

Do you often feel unhappy that others are not as happy as they could be (you feel their pain all the time?)
- that much of the earth suffers?
- do you know what the cause of the earths suffering is exactly?

Do you believe in 'awakening' experiences?

Do you believe they are spontaneous/random ?

Do you believe they happen exactly at the right time?

Do you know the answer to this, so much you don't even have to think about it..?

Can you tell who is awakened easily?

Do you believe in these psychic abilities:
- mediumship
- healing
- clairvoyance , see things in mind, feel people from inside, KNOW things out of the blue

Do you experience them yourself/any of them?

Can you be a medium for a person at any time (reach your inner wisdom or the wisdom of spirit) ?

Do you believe in Chakras/energy centers in the body?

Have you healed any of your chakras/opened them before / felt such a thing?

Do you get dizzy at times if not grounded?

Do you believe medical science knows much about the human body?

Do you like western or eastern religions best, or both? (science or eastern mysticism)

Do you get unusual dreams much of your life?
- write them here:

Do you feel like your true self most days?

Have you been through hell and heaven too in your life, often maybe a bit too much?

Do you see a reason for it?

Do people seek you out for guidance/contact you frequently/too frequently at times?

Do you have trouble telling people about your experiences?

Have you felt like going crazy at times / feared it?

Do you often fear/worry in life?

Have you gotten diagnosed with diagnoses like ADHD,fibromyalgia or such, or any other illness?

Do you like authority or have you had trouble fitting into authority?

Do you see things other people don't see (ability to see people's thoughts/emotions / behind ego, or aura or such)

Is any of your parents intuitively developed/have psychic abilities?

Are many you know spiritually developed?

Did you really not know you were psychic, deep within, if you hadn't taken this test?

Did this test convince you?

Did you see any errors on this test, if so what kind?

By submitting all questions you get a receipt of the questionare
you will also get a message from another psychic about your answers, how
to develop from there!

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