Spiritual awakening  ॐ  33 Ascension symptoms

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feeling love, oneness with the universe, loving yourself and others

feeling connected to nature, the universe, animals and others

increased intuition

increased synchronicity, teachers arrive in your life and leave just as suddenly

increased messages for others maybe

increased awareness/clarity , knowing out of the blue

awareness of the old not suiting you anymore

awareness of no coincidences

awareness of the perfection of the human soul

crying for no reason suddenly, intense emotions for many months, you are releasing old emotions

new hobbies/music, new look, new clothes, more color in everyday living, you feel like a new person

wanting to do something for the world

helping others

sudden onset of mysterious illness in the body that your doctor cannot find

admitting your mistakes

deep connection to nature/animals

animals/children behave weird around you, people behave weird around you (come up to you)

electronics may malfunction/everything may break around you

seeing beyond ego

realizing you are not your thoughts

feeling you found your true self

open to new things in life

disasters happen in your life, illness/death/loss of work/loss of home, perhaps many at the same time

you meet new people who think like yourself

you begin to understand the universe, how everything is connected

your old job/self no longer feels like your true being, longing for something more that nurtures your soul

feeling and looking younger, looking like your perfect self!

pain in various parts of body, your energy / vibration is changing

headaches/dizzy spells from being ungrounded/due to energy changes.

thinking you might die many times, but then you didn't, and you realized you weren't your thoughts.

the new you will soon arrive and feel so much better

seeing beyond religion, something that unites all religions perhaps

you are evolving into a much more accepting state of being

you stop to worry and start to go with the flow of life

remembering you are a soul in a body and much more, remembering that you haven't changed, who we are inside never changes

remembering your purpose

you begin to understand how we limit ourselves as a society/in our own minds, the old no longer suits you, you don't want 'more'/to 'understand everything', you just want to be you

old is falling apart, new is arriving every day

maybe attraction to nature, houseplants, crystals, pets , new colors, new clothes etc.

your alternative side is opening up, more openminded, not skeptic about much anymore

your soul is renewing, feeling more love each day, and with that everything in your life is changing

a feeling that there is a reason for your illness/everything that has happened, but you don't know why yet, feeling of no coincidences

you start to believe there is more in life than material

you may start to belive in things such as reincarnation, life after death, soul, everything being connected etc.

you may be able to see inside people, beyond their thoughts, see their soul's state (increased psychic events/intuition)

you may see the soul in all living

you may fear your are going crazy many times, but you are not, many have been there before you

you find out that you need to eat healthy, ground in nature/with meditation or such to suit your new self or you get sick

allergies in body/itching/intense pain in almost any part of body, that comes and goes

you realize that acceptance is key to life, go with the flow instead of fighting it

you start to question authority,politics,your culture, it seems so wrong in many places

you may find other cultures that fit your soul state much better now

you may long for a new job/new culture/to move away from your old home, to find yourself fully

you may have your awakening after severe/critical illness, or after having forgotten yourself for many years, now you remember your soul

you may be tempted to regret or moan over your old life, but the new you realizes that that is which made you grow into what you are now and it accepts that fact.

you may have many days/weeks/months of doing nothing, feeling like going crazy, but you are rebuilding from new, soul is reassembling itself and so is your body

you long to be healthy again, but deep within you realize there are no coincidences

you don't feel like going back to your old self, that is the last thing you would do (very good sign)

you feel like your old self was possessed by its thoughts

you recognize other people who are awake at any time, or people who don't have their soul fully

you feel the sadness of the world everyday, almost too much to bear, more empathic (sign of maybe being intuitive/empath, learn to ground/shield)

you feel negativity really strong, tv, news, negative people, crowded areas , can affect you a lot/drain you, you move away from that

you feel like you have to be around people who think like yourself, who love the earth, nature, who are accepting etc.

you feel good around most people, just very sensitive to negativity from anybody - can make you feel sick

Remember, you are never alone

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Welcome blue sky



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Our mind is free. Mind over matter, as the gurus say.

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